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August, 2012:

UCU to decide next steps in USS campaign


The next steps in the campaign to defend the USS pension scheme will be decided at a special UCU Conference in Manchester on 13th September.  You can read more here but please take a minute to answer this simple question which will help guide your delegates to the conference … (more…)

University Open Day – participation is voluntary

If you are asked to work on the University Open Day on Saturday 15th September you can decide whether to do so or not.  HR issued a statement confirming this last year.  The University did not negotiate with or even consult UCU when they decided to introduce Saturday open days.  (more…)

Remuneration Committee remains silent on University high earners

Before they met on June 28th, every member of University Council and Remuneration Committee received a letter from UCU and a copy of the University of Bath High Earners Report, sponsored by all three university trades unions.  We still do not know what was decided at the meeting of the Remuneration Committee … (more…)

REF Code of Practice – need for vigilance on ‘no detriment’ statement

UCU has been in talks with senior university managers about the recently published REF code of practice.    The talks ended without agreement.   UCU members are advised to keep a close eye on how the COP is applied by Heads of Department and others … (more…)