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Remuneration Committee remains silent on University high earners

Before they met on June 28th, every member of University Council and Remuneration Committee received a letter from UCU and a copy of the University of Bath High Earners Report, sponsored by all three university trades unions.  We still do not know what was decided at the meeting of the Remuneration Committee …

Mr P Troughton, who is Chair of both University Council and the Remuneration Committee, sent two replies to letters from UCU. In his first letter, Mr Troughton rejected UCU’s request for staff representation on the Remuneration Committee. We remain committed to this change, which was put forward by Bath UCU and adopted as national UCU policy at this year’s UCU Congress. In his second letter, Mr Troughton provided no information on the criteria used to determine pay increases for the Vice Chancellor and another 11 senior university staff whose pay is set by the Committee. He also rejected UCU’s claim that the Committee lacks transparency and accountability.

University Council meets next on Thursday 18th October and UCU will be lobbying the meeting in support of the call for staff representation on the Remuneration Committee.

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