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Lucky winners !

Over 200 people entered our competition to guess the pay increase of (some of) the University’s high earners and we are pleased to announce the lucky winners …

The closest guess was just 0.01% away from the correct answer of …  4.62%, and the lucky winner of the luxury hamper provided by the university trade unions is an undergraduate on the Business Admin
degree, Nicholas R.

The bag of peanuts for the most wrong answer is shared between another
Business Admin student Onurkan K, who said 0.4 %  (that was never going
to happen Onurkan) and Justin R a postgrad in SPS.   Justin thought 33% (next year perhaps).

The serious point in all this is that for the fourth year in a row most
people working at this and other universities have taken a pay cut,
while most of the high earners have seen their pay shoot up.   See article in Bath Chronicle for UCU’s view

The 4.62% rise for high earners in Bath is almost five times the amount
offered to everybody else, and it now takes the annual fees of more than
40 undergraduates to pay the Vice Chancellor alone.   The trade unions
representing university employees are campaigning for an end to this and
for more openness in the Remuneration Committee that sets the high
earners’ pay.

Bath’s Vice Chancellor is arguably the highest paid VC in the land. For every one pound increase in the pay of most university staff, the VC has received two. 



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