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Calling all casuals ! Wednesday 20th February 12.15 8W2.23

100 staff have responded to our survey about changes to the pay and conditions of casual teaching staff at the university. Our survey followed the disclosure that HE is now second only to hospitality in the use of casual labour.  Now we are planning the next steps in our campaign to protect and improve the terms and conditions of casual teachers …   The survey revealed a lot of anger about the downgrading of casual teaching, and about the different treatment meted out to casuals working in different departments of the university.  Bath UCU is sending a rep to a national meting this Friday, and there will be a report on the position in other universities, plus a discussion of what our survey revealed.   We want to stamp out the use of casual labour in HE, and you are welcome to join UCU when we meet to plan the next steps in our campaign on Wednesday 20th February 12.15 in 8W2.23.

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