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Support Exeter and Falmouth fight for quality and jobs


More universities are trying to outsource their academic and student services to an agency that supplies a group of universities and colleges – IT, Library, Academic Skills, Student Support .. the list goes on …  There are two main problems with outsourcing shared services.  One is that quality is compromised as the ‘shared services’provider is too far removed from both the students and staff who they are supposed to be working with.  The other problem is that staff will be moved off nationally negotiated pay and conditions.  As the move to outsourcing and shared services gathers pace, many of our colleagues in other universities are taking action to defend quality services and their own terms and conditions.  At Sussex, students have occupied buildings.  Nearer to home, staff at Falmouth and Exeter are fighting the transfer from April 2013 of 133 staff to Falmouth Exeter Plus (FXPlus).  Colleagues at Falmouth and Exeter have asked for our support and you can read more about the proposed outsourcing here, and then please sign their petition.


  1. Marie Morley says:

    It doesn’t take a great leap of imagination to apply the FXPlus model nearer to home and if a shared services model was introduced resulting in redundancies, who would it be cheaper to sack? Those whose redundancy pay is calculated at twice their actual earned salary or those who only had statutory redundancy payments?

  2. Julian Lewis says:

    I once worked for the NHS and saw my position transferred to an IT giant. Yes, pay, conditions and job security all deteriorated. Even more striking was the change in culture from one of serving the NHS to one of exploiting it. We did business for the NHS for profit – something very demoralising for the many people who shared the principles of the NHS and worked hard to make it work.

    I fear that education is becoming just another business to exploit – unless we speak up and stand together.

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