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March, 2013:

University Chancellor warns high earners as MP attacks ‘eyewatering’ VC salary

Outgoing University Chancellor Lord Tugendhat has warned of the dangers of the growing pay gap between high earners and the rest of society.   The Chancellor said in a lecture on Trust and Transparency in Public Life and Business to mark University Founders Day that leaders risk losing their moral authority if their pay and pay increases outrun those of the people who work for them.   You can read the transcript of Lord Tugendhat’s lecture here

Meanwhile Andrew Murrison MP has responded to news of the Bath VC’s ‘eyewatering’ 25% pay increase by telling the Chair of Bath’s Remuneration Committee Peter Troughton that he agrees with UCU.

Casualisation petition launched

anticasLast week’s day of action against casualisation drew support mainly from the growing number of casual workers on campus. While it is encouraging that casual workers are joining UCU, the campaign needs more support from members who see their positions as ‘secure’. Casualisation threatens the security of all employees, so all should join the action.

We have launched a charter for the treatment of casualised staff, which is attached to this message. Over 100 staff have already signed the petition in support of the charter, and you can help by

– downloading the petition and asking others in your Department to sign

– signing the petition here and passing the link on to others

The petition will be presented at the next meeting in May of the Joint Academic Consultation and Negotiation Committee, and the charter will form the basis of our negotiations with HR.

Casual hourly paid staff

Dear colleague

We the undersigned members of staff at Bath University support the Charter for the treatment of casualised staff
We are seeking a commitment from our employer on the following:
1. A fair rate of pay for all hours worked by hourly-paid staff including sufficient time for preparation, marking, administration, student support and scholarly activity.
2. Annual pay rises and incremental progression for all staff.
3. Working conditions for staff on casualised contracts that are comparable to those on permanent, full-time contracts.
4. Increased job security for staff currently on casualised contracts – transferring hourly-paid to full-time or fractional permanent contracts,
and fixed-term staff to permanent contracts.
5. Ensuring systems are in place that significantly reduce the risk of redundancies for all staff including those on hourly-paid, fixed-term contracts or whose posts are underpinned by fixed-term external funding eg redundancy avoidance committees, effective redeployment and retraining policies.
6. No zero-hours contracts to be used.
7. Ensuring staff are employed on contracts that state they are employees and not give bogus self-employment status.
8. Fair treatment and pay for postgraduates who teach.
9. Support for ongoing access to professional development opportunities.
10. For staff that leave the sector, increased support for careers outside HE eg specialist career support and training.


55 signatures

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