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UCU backs libel reform – contact your MP now

UCU is backing the libel reform bill, because UK libel law has been
used against academics.    UCU General Secretary Sally Hunt has sent a letter of support  to the Libel Law Reform Group, but Bath UCU member Joanna Bryson says members need to act this week to stop damaging changes to the reform …  Dr  Bryson says that libel law ‘is a serious issue that affects us, as UK academics, in doing not only our job but also our social responsibility in speaking out as experts.’

‘Right now the bill is nearly through the full rites of passage for
British legislature, including having been amended in a destructive way
by the House of Lords.  It is essential to its final (and corrected)
passage    that it is approved by early May.  This requires that the bill is
brought to commons THIS WEEK, to remove the amendments and finalise the

Here is the bill’s text & history (transparency in government is awesome!)

Here’s one way to contact your MP

Of course, if you actually *know* your MP (or any MP), a telephone call
might be even more effective.’



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