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July, 2013:

State pension cuts – that’s another £500 a year please

Changes to state pensions taking effect from 2016 come on top of the cuts to USS pensions already imposed. Professor James Davenport assesses the damage saying “these changes will cost most of our members £482/year, and the University £1172/year. I find it hard to envisage a situation in which our members would be better off in retirement as a result. It is not clear where the University will get the extra sum (probably more than £1M) from – in theory the employers might try to raid USS, but this will certainly harden their resolve on USS.”. For full details see UCU briefing

Quality and jobs at risk – PGCE closure threatened

A proposal to close the University’s ‘outstanding’ PGCE course is being railroaded through with the loss of more jobs and a high quality programme. According to the Guardian, Bath would be the heading up the Coalition Government’s headlong rush into schools-based teacher training, while other universities are at least sounding a note of caution about the risks involved in this. (more…)

UCU challenges use of zero hours contracts

ist for zero hoursUCU has a clear policy against the use of zero hours contracts. There are many names for these contracts but they typically involve an individual undertaking to be available for work but the employer not guaranteeing to provide any work and only paying for the hours worked. Now UCU has agreed to use Freedom of Information requests to get a clear picture of how widespread the use of zero hours contracts has become.


UCU Bath update

UCU Bath local committee met on July 3rd to review the last six months and look ahead to the next period when pay promises to be the big issue … (more…)

Liverpool action to oppose dismissal of 2800 staff

The University of Liverpool UCU branch would like to give a big ‘thank-you’ to all of the UCU branches that have sent in messages of support during our fight with the University. Most will know by now that the management at Liverpool have announced their intention to dismiss and re-hire 2,803 ‘non-academic’ staff to force new contracts. These contracts would mean that staff could be required to work week-ends and University closure days across the the year with single time TOIL for bank-holidays only (more…)