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Quality and jobs at risk – PGCE closure threatened

A proposal to close the University’s ‘outstanding’ PGCE course is being railroaded through with the loss of more jobs and a high quality programme. According to the Guardian, Bath would be the heading up the Coalition Government’s headlong rush into schools-based teacher training, while other universities are at least sounding a note of caution about the risks involved in this.

Consultation on the proposal to close the Bath course was opened on July 4th and is set to run until early August, yet Academic Programmes Committee is being pressured in to making a strategic decision to close the programme at its meeting on July 24th – a full two weeks before the end of the consultation period. UCU has not been provided with the information we need to engage in meaningful consultation and we have asked APC to postpone its decision until the information is provided.

Goldsmiths UCU are collecting signatures for a petition against the Coalition Government policy of running down teacher training.

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