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UCU challenges use of zero hours contracts

ist for zero hoursUCU has a clear policy against the use of zero hours contracts. There are many names for these contracts but they typically involve an individual undertaking to be available for work but the employer not guaranteeing to provide any work and only paying for the hours worked. Now UCU has agreed to use Freedom of Information requests to get a clear picture of how widespread the use of zero hours contracts has become.

According to the Workplace Employment Relations Study the number of educational institutions using the zero hours contracts increased tenfold from 2004 to 2011 (from 1% to 10%).

There has also been a huge amount of publicity surrounding the use of zero hours contracts in recent months and the Business Secretary announcing a review into their use on 13 June. UCU will be feeding into that review explaining the damaging effects of such contracts on staff and on the sector as a whole.

Therefore, UCU has agreed nationally to use the Freedom of Information Act to gather data on the use of zero hours contracts in each HEI and to use the information received to inform the government review and to progress our campaign against zero hours contracts.

Update:  Bath 2nd in the league for use of zero hours contracts

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