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Panic reaction threatens PGCE

keep calmUCU is challenging the proposed closure of the university’s  teacher training course.   Academic Programmes Committee gave its strategic approval to the closure at its meeting, but after pressure from local schools, staff and UCU APC will reconsider the matter on September 25th

UCU claims the decision is a panic reaction to a Government policy and is not based on any sound evidence.  None of Bath’s peers are going down this route.   UCU’s submission to the farcical consultation process sets out our arguments in more detail.   The PGCE staff response is fuller and addresses all the main arguments.

You can also see the High Level Strategic Review of the Department of Education carried out earlier this year by Prof Geoff Whitty.  The Review, which should have been used to inform debate about the future of the Department, was not mentioned in any of the consultation documents – probably because it did not recommend closure of Bath’s ‘outstanding’ PGCE course.

UCU met with staff in the Department of Education on  5th September and will be lobbying members of Academic Programmes Committee to make sure they have been given access to all the background documents and feedback.

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