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Action against pay cuts and job insecurity starts now

Pay is down. Job security is disappearing for more and more in HE. And now the VC wants to cut the successful PGCE course.

It’s time to drop everything and come to the UCU meeting on

Monday 23rd September 12.45 in 8W2.5

The main speaker is Michael MacNeil, UCU National HE officer speaking for the first time in Bath.

All members and new members welcome. Tea and coffee provided. Bring your lunch.

Please download this poster for display.

For the fifth year running we have been told to accept a pay cut. The three unions representing staff, including UCU, are all calling for action to challenge this and are balloting members.

UCU has recently revealed that Bath is the heaviest user of zero hours contracts for academic staff in the land. We have tried to raise this with HR but they deny that zero hours contracts are a problem here and won’t get rid of them. Edinburgh uses more zero hours contracts than Bath but says it will get rid of them – why can’t Bath ?

UNISON, who represent admin and support staff, has highlighted the number of staff in Bath being paid less than the Living Wage – currently £7.45 an hour. There are 1255 of these in Bath. UNISON has tried to enter into negotiations with Bath about lifting those people who are paid less than the Living Wage. HR’s response to UNISON included the following claim:

“The University has very few problems recruiting and retaining excellent
staff at its current pay rates and we believe this is because of the
fair pay and excellent benefits package offered, when compared with
other local employers.”

Of course there is an excellent pay and benefits package for those at the top. Relative to the size of the university Bath has the best paid Vice Chancellor fin the UK. Until last year the Bath VC was paid more in pensions contributions than any other VC in the UK. On top of this, a growing number of people at the top of the university income ladder are paid at rates that are off the nationally agreed pay scales. But the largesse does not extend to the majority whose pension contributions were put up last year by a USS that includes the Bath VC among its leading members.

These are some of the reasons why we have invited our National HE Officer Michael MacNeil to speak and answer questions in Bath. What is happening in Bath represents very clearly all the issues facing people working in HE.

The proposal to shut the teacher training course in Bath is the latest nonsense from our overpaid managers. 9 people will lose their jobs if this successful and ‘outstanding’ course is allowed to close. It will do nothing to secure the future of the rest of the Department of Education.

There are plenty of good reasons to drop everything on Monday at 12.45 and come to the UCU meeting. Tea and coffee will be provided so bring your lunch. Non-members are welcome to join us on

MONDAY 23 SEPTEMBER in 8W2.5 at 12.45 pm

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