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Bath bosses get 10% as three unions call strike for October 31st

Following the recent ballot of members which supported the call for strike action in support of the joint trade union claim on pay and pay-related matters, UCU, UNISON and Unite are calling on members to take action on October 31st unless employers make a significant increase to the 1% offer for 2013.

The University of Bath, which already has one of the highest paid Vice Chancellors in the land has responded to this news by revealing that the Vice Chancellor and some of the other high earners in the University will receive an increase in their remuneration of just under 10%.

Bath is already the heaviest user of zero hours contracts in England, and employs more staff on the minimum wage than any other university.

The employers are sitting on surpluses of over £1 billion which they have accumulated by cutting the value of our pay by 13% since 2009. There is no evidence that Vice Chancellors will put a stop to this trend so we have to take action now.

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