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Misleading Newsnight story on Universities Pension Scheme

BBC Newsnight carried a story on  24th October suggesting there is a big hole in the USS pension fund and it will have to be filled by increased student fees.   To say this is misleading is an understatement.   For a fuller examination of the ‘facts’ in the BBC story see Dennis Leech (Warwick University and UCU) response.

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    I think that it is really important to communicate and discuss with Student Unions the absurdity of this narrative that is being created to undermine our job and destroy the pension system, just before the strike. We have seen this before.
    UCU should demand clarification about this to the media immediately and/or write a letter to students (made available to the general public) revealing the TRUTH behind the BBC news and Andy Verity’s lack of information! I am talking to my students about it

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