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Sometimes it takes fresh eyes to see things as they really are …

A message from someone new to the University …

I have only recently joined the staff at the University of Bath and have to say that I am appalled at what I have seen so far. Having attended the ‘Let’s Talk’ event yesterday, I believe that the Vice Chancellor would be much better employed as a politician given her consistent skill at deflecting questions surrounding contentious issues and refusing to provide tangible evidence that she will consider installing the minimum living wage for certain members of staff.

The idea that her pay increase is outside of her control and justifiable due to her performance is, quite simply, ludicrous. I found the mere suggestion of this to be deeply insulting as I’m sure that the senior management team are not the only staff members to have reached their targets for the last year due to hard work and high performance. Whilst the Vice Chancellor may be able to command respect as a shrewd business woman and as a reputable academic I’m afraid to say that as a human being she has lost my respect entirely.

What concerned me the most, however, about the whole charade, was the apathy with which her responses were met by staff members on the day. There seems to be a common belief that there is no use raising a voice, because the leaders of this University do not listen and do not care.

You may already be aware of the more considerate approach of the senior management team at the University of Exeter with regards to their bonuses for this year, but I just wanted to contact you about it in case you hadn’t heard as I think that this may be of interest to staff and potentially wake them from their tolerant slumber.   The senior management team there have actually declined their performance-based pay rise in favour of all staff grades A – H receiving a Christmas bonus. This is paid pro-rata based on length of time worked at the University and amounts to perhaps £250 or more, no meagre sum with Christmas just around the corner.

Given that we are in the GW4 group of Universities and compare ourselves with them in many other ways, I feel that this should also extend to our comparison with their treatment of staff.


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  1. Joanna says:

    Thanks for your report! I couldn’t make the meeting, and hadn’t realised that Exeter were the university that had done this, nor exactly what they’d done.

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