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Strike action brings fresh talks with employers

Today the employers said they would be prepared to talk to unions about the pay dispute.

This represents a real shift. It is the result of taking strike action and working to contract.   We have to keep up the pressure until the employers start listening to our demand for fair pay

The employers have also decided to go ahead and implement the 1% pay
‘increase’ from December. This does not affect the status of the
dispute involving UCU and other unions. For more details see the letter from
UCU to UCEA, the employers organisation

The decision to implement the award, which represents a further cut of
about 1.5% in the value of pay, is designed to weaken the resolve of the
unions to pursue the dispute any further.

In a move that shows many employers know that another pay cut is unfair, staff at some universities are being awarded a one-off bonus. In some cases this is being funded out of ‘salary sacrifices’ from high earners.
We will of course take any such bonus, but in the full knowledge that non-consolidated payments are no substitute for a nationally negotiated pay award that restores the value of our pay.

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