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Staff and students unite for fair pay in HE – how was it for you ?

There was good support again yesterday for the joint union strike in
support of fair pay in HE, with labs closed, classes cancelled and events of all kinds rescheduled or poorly attended.   Thanks to all who
came out, especially the pickets, supported by a good mix of postgrad
and undergraduate students.   It was a similar story across the country – you can catch up on Strike Day Live.   Local pictures from Bath Chronicle.

We want to get a fuller picture of how the impact of the strike in the
University of Bath, so please take a couple of minutes to answer a few short questions

This survey is anonymous and we also ask you not to name anyone in your
responses.  It is the overall picture we are interested in.

sussexThis picture shows students at Sussex greeting one of the Pro-VCs on his way to work.  4 students have since been suspended.  Join the 7000 who have already signed the petition calling for their unsuspension.

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  1. Quiana says:

    At last, somoene comes up with the “right” answer!

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