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Branch Meeting Wednesday 19th February 1.15 pm 8W3.22

We have now taken strike action six times since October 31st in support of the joint union campaign for fair pay. On each occasion support for the action has increased. Thanks to all members who have supported this action. You can see some of the comments from members across the UK.
The campaign has a momentum that we are determined to maintain.

The most significant development in the campaign so far has been the growth of student support, including the backing of the Students’ Union, for the campaign. We are working with the students to promote their own campaign against the sale of the student loan book, and in March we will hold a joint meeting with trade unions and the SU from Bath Spa University with speaker Andrew McGettigan, author of The Great University Gamble. Watch for further details of this.

UCU and the other unions Unite and UNISON, are considering how to increase the growing pressure on employers to come back to negotiations with an improved offer. The recent letter from Government Ministers to HEFCE said “We are very concerned about the substantial upward drift of salaries of some top management. We want to see leaders in the sector exercise much greater restraint as part of continuing to hold down increases in pay generally.”

So at least our pressure to raise awareness of the unfairness of the pay awards for those at the top has been acknowledged. However, this doesn’t mean that the battle for fair pay is over and we are now preparing for a marking boycott to win the dispute. We will circulate slides for members to use in their lectures and other classes which will explain what this means.

There will be a Branch Meeting next Wednesday 19th February at 1.15 in 8W3.22 to discuss this and other proposals.

Please remember that we are still working to contract.

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