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The meanest employer in English HE ?

MONDAY 19TH MAY 1.15 PM 1E2.4

We have a guest speaker at Monday’s UCU branch meeting – Prof Harriet Bradley (UWE) who is one of our reps on the national HE Committee and had a close up view of events during the pay dispute. Harriet will lead a discussion of what has been achieved since the dispute started last October, and where we go next.

The vote on whether to accept the 2% offer for 2014 and to end the 2013 dispute was much closer in Bath than in most places (more than 4-1 in favour nationally but less than 2-1 in favour in Bath). We understand that the closer vote in Bath is a reflection of poorer local terms and conditions.       Compared to others, we have one of the meanest sets of terms and conditions of all HE employers.

The meeting will map out a campaign to improve local terms and conditions, beginning on Tuesday when we meet with the Vice Chancellor and her assistants at the twice-yearly local bargaining meeting. We want to reach an agreement with the University on the criteria for the use of non-permanent contracts (fixed-term, casual, variable hours) for all jobs at Grade 6 and above, including teaching, research, academic and academic –related.  We will, of course, continue to work with UNISON and Unite on matters that affect all of us.

Please try to come to the UCU meeting on Monday 19th 1.15 in 1E2.4 and encourage others to come also, even if they are not yet members. Send them a link to join UCU. They too will benefit from the pay increase our action has won, and from any future gains we secure through local bargaining.

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