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June, 2014:

High earners – the pay gap widens

UCU, UNISON and Unite today published an update of the 2012 High Earners Report .   The headline of the report is that the gap between the pay of high earners and everybody else has grown significantly since 2012.  

Petition to members of University Council calling for fairness, openness and accountability

We call on members of the University Council to re-assert its control over the decisions it has delegated to its Remuneration Committee. We further call on members of the Council to ensure that the decisions made by its Remuneration Committee are consistent with principles of fairness, transparency and accountability.


72 signatures

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Publication of the updated report coincided with the annual meeting of the University Remuneration Committee.  This is the committee that agrees the pay of the Vice Chancellor and other high earners at the University.     UCU, UNISON and Unite have also written again to members of the University Remuneration Committee in advance of its annual meeting.

You can add your name to the letter to be presented to members of University Council, the governing body of the University at its meeting on 10th July, calling for greater fairness, openness and accountability in the operation of the University Remuneration Committee




Use of metrics in research assessment

A HEFCE consultation is underway on the potential use of metrics in research assessment. This is a potentially very damaging development for multiple reasons. Paul Kirby and I have written a response to the consultation  .   If you would like to add your name as an endorsement please email me by June 28th.

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