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USS – biggest branch meeting for years signs up for action to defend pensions

Standing room only in Tuesday’s branch meeting as members heard the latest information we have on employers’ proposals to cut the benefits and increase the costs of the USS pension scheme.   Pensions rep James Davenport presented information on a set of slides

Some members are still asking about the impact of the proposed changes on them, and the short answer is we don’t yet know, but we know enough to send out a strong message to employers that we will not accept changes that are unfair or unnecessary.   We have a right to be consulted by our employer on the proposals when they are tabled, but James Davenport told the meeting there was too much disagreement among employers and too many complex matters to address for them to come up with something soon.  If they do, it will be because they are being leant on by the Government.

There is still time for USS members who are not in UCU to join and take part in the ballot that closes on October 20th.  Please forward this link to anyone you work with who is a member of USS but not yet of UCU.

The branch meeting also agreed to submit a Freedom of Information request for a copy of the university’s response to consultation over the proposed changes to USS.  When we receive this we will circulate it


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