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Record turnout in massive vote for action to defend pensions

UCU members will start a national assessment boycott on Thursday 6th November following a massive vote for action to defend pensions. 78% of members who voted, voted for strike action and 87% voted for action short of a strike. The turnout of 45% was the highest in a national higher education ballot since UCU was formed in 2006.

Bath UCU members will meet on THURSDAY 30th OCTOBER 1.15 pm in 3E2.4 to hear more about what we are being asked to do as part of an assessment boycott and to make sure it has maximum impact in the hope of bringing the dispute to an early conclusion. If members are in any doubt about the threat to pensions represented by the proposed changes, please note the following extract from the paper submitted by the employers to last week’s meeting of the USS Joint Negotiating Committee:

“It will be noted that in looking at their Tests, the Trustees take no account of any Defined Contribution benefits that are introduced. These pose no obligation risk on the employers – in effect, risk is borne fully by members. As such, the Trustees exhibit a marked preference for DC benefits over DB benefits.”

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