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Assessment boycott starts to bite

We are receiving reports from members about the impact of the assessment boycott which started today. Let us know what you are boycotting and its impact ? Please send reports to

Letting students know why we are taking action

Our action has already had some coverage in the student paper Impact.  Students are showing their support for our action where they have been given the information they need to understand why we are taking the action.

Replying to HR

Yesterday’s message from HR asking us to let them know if we are taking part in the boycott asks us to reply by November 12th. There is guidance on this at the FAQs but we are asking members not to respond before the date requested, so that we can discuss at the branch meeting on Monday.

Progress of negotiations

Our national Head of Bargaining and Negotiations Michael MacNeil has written to employers about the announcement of pay docking, and with details of a set of negotiating proposals from UCU.

There is a significant amount of complex information in this document which members will clearly want to consider. We have organised an

Emergency Branch Meeting for Monday 10th November 1.15 pm in 3E2.1

to discuss

1 The impact of the assessment boycott
2 Our response to the letter from HR about docking 25% of the pay of those who participate in the assessment boycott
3 Our views of the negotiating proposals from UCU

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