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January, 2015:

Hourly paid staff – have you been underpaid ?

Are you an hourly-paid worker?   The University probably owes you money.   The university unlawfully underpaid all hourly-paid staff (those who submit time-sheets) from April 2009. This was noticed in October 2014 by a postgrad student, who told UCU.   UCU pointed out the error to HR, and since October 2014 the University has paid the correct holiday pay (equating to a rise in the hourly rate of pay of around 1.2%). (more…)

Bath students question new VC pay rise

Bath SU newspaper Impact this week throws a spotlight on the recently disclosed 3% pay rise received by the Vice Chancellor.  This brings her salary tantalisingly close to the £400,000 mark.  UCU members are invited to join the VC Day party on the Parade on Monday lunchtime 2nd February.

Act now to stop pension theft

Another well attended branch meeting (minutes of meeting) called on UCU negotiators to stand firm as employers try to steal the pensions they promised us when they hired us.   Members should vote NO in the current online ballot. (more…)

Members urged to vote NO to USS changes

UCU has suspended the assessment boycott for a further period to allow time for members to be consulted about changes to the employers’ proposals for the future of the USS pension scheme. You will receive a message from UCU head office inviting you to take part in an online ballot. Your branch committee has examined the changes to the employers’ proposals and is strongly recommending that we REJECT the current offer. (more…)

Members get ready to resume assessment boycott from January 16th

UCU has served notice on the employers that the assessment boycott in USS institutions will resume on Friday 16 January.  Members should remind themselves of the terms of the boycott by visiting our USS blog site here. (more…)