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Members get ready to resume assessment boycott from January 16th

UCU has served notice on the employers that the assessment boycott in USS institutions will resume on Friday 16 January.  Members should remind themselves of the terms of the boycott by visiting our USS blog site here.

The assessment boycott, called in defence of the USS pension scheme, is due to resume from midnight on Thursday 15th January.  Members at University of Bath should refuse to take part in any student assessment and examinations activity.

The boycott covers

  • invigilation.  Members should not turn up for exam invigilation duties,
  • the setting and marking of all formal exams and coursework for undergraduate and postgraduate students,
  • the examination of dissertations and theses, as well as vivas,
  • all administration associated with formal student assessment,
  • attendance at any meetings or parts of meetings at which student work is assessed or examined, including examination boards,

The union is calling on all UCU members to support the action, including managers, heads of departments and those who are not members of the USS pension scheme. If you have an administrative role that is comprised substantially of assessment-related activities, for example as an Assessment Officer, you should contact a UCU Bath branch officer before taking action.

Union support for those who lose earnings

The national union and local branch have made provisions to ensure that no UCU member enters into financial hardship as a result of the action. Strike pay is available to those who need it. Hourly paid workers, including post-graduate invigilators and markers, will be reimbursed for all pay lost as a result of participation in the boycott.  Please contact me for further details about this.

SU support for our action

Over the past few months the arguments in favour of the proposed attack on our pension scheme have been thoroughly discredited and university employers are now deeply divided, with some publicly speaking out against the proposals.  We have been informed by the Students’ Union that they are officially supporting the action after students at the University voted to back the boycott. Please take this into consideration when deciding whether to join your colleagues in taking part.

Act now to defend pensions

The participation of UCU members in this assessment boycott will be key to our success and the defence of our pensions and dignity in retirement. We urge all members at the University of Bath to join the boycott by refusing to take part in any and all student assessment and examinations activity, in order to bring this dispute to a satisfactory conclusion as quickly as possible.

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