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Hourly paid staff – have you been underpaid ?

Are you an hourly-paid worker?   The University probably owes you money.   The university unlawfully underpaid all hourly-paid staff (those who submit time-sheets) from April 2009. This was noticed in October 2014 by a postgrad student, who told UCU.   UCU pointed out the error to HR, and since October 2014 the University has paid the correct holiday pay (equating to a rise in the hourly rate of pay of around 1.2%).

However, many thousands of pounds of pay were unlawfully taken from staff by the University between April 2009 and October 2014 and the UCU is demanding that all of it is repaid.  Although the University initially indicated to UCU and the other campus trade unions, UNISON and Unite, that they would pay back the money they owed, they have since said that they would only pay it back in full to workers who have not had a break in their employment. This would mean that the majority of people who are owed money will get none, or only some, of it back.

UCU), who represent postgraduates at the University, are now recommending that their hourly-paid members put in individual claims for the money they are owed.

A template letter and form have been created to help people claim back their money.  UCU advises all hourly-paid staff to use the template letter and form. The letter and form contain a demand that the money owed is paid back and a request for information that will enable people to work out how much they are owed.

If are, or have been, an hourly-paid member of staff (i.e. you have submitted a timesheet for work done) at the University, you should:

  1. Sign (and read) the letter
  2. Fill out sections 1 and 5 of the form
  3. Photocopy your library card (or driving license/passport)
  4. Give the letter, form and copy of your ID to your local union Rep or department contact. If you are unsure as to who this is you should email

Your claim for pay will then be sent to Human Resources who must reply directly to you within 40 days.  Encourage other hourly-paid staff to put claims in as well. They can print the letter and form out themselves, or ask their local trade union Rep or Department Contact for a blank copy (or request one from If the University receives a substantial number of these claims it may decide that it would prefer to avoid processing any more individually by repaying everyone the money they are owed.  The sooner you get your claim in the sooner it will be processed.


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