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Protest against sexual harassment in Bath – Tuesday 10th February 8 pm

“Reclaim the Night”, an international movement raising a voice against sexual harassment and rape, is coming to Bath. The march will set off from Bath Spa train station at 20:00 and follow the route below here.  
Members of Bath UCU and the other campus trade unions, UNISON and UNITE, will be attending and supporting the event.

The following is a statement from the student organisers of the event:

“We march at night to show that taking women off the streets in the late (or early) hours doesn’t address the issue and only perpetuates victim-blaming. Part of a long-lasting battle against ideas that victims/survivors bring rape and harassment onto themselves by what they wear, how they act, or where they are at night, the movement is here to scream that rape is not OK. We march to show our support for victims/survivors of rape and sexual harassment and raise awareness for the issues they battle. We march to show that we are united against rape and rape-culture and we will intervene, whenever we witness it. We march to say that in the 21st century no one is allowed to turn a blind eye on harassment.

We march to take back our night and to let women, men and other genders to stand together because sexual harassment and violence is not just a women’s issue and will not be tolerated!”

For more information, see here

Point of Contact: Karina Delcheva (University of Bath)
tel: 07554226968

For Bath UCU campaigns, please contact our branch Membership Support and Campaigns Officer, Chris Roche –

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