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April, 2015:

Branch meeting Wednesday 22nd April 1.15 pm 1W2.104

Main items for discussion are the 2015 pay claim and the proposal by management to record all lectures.

New UCU rep for hourly paid and early careers staff

Young members, early career academics and researchers at the University of Bath now have a dedicated UCU branch rep. Harry Pitts, a PhD student and graduate teaching assistant in the Department of Social and Policy Sciences, took on the the new role in December.

Drop-in session for hourly paid staff, postgrads and early careers staff

If you want advice, help or support with any aspect of your work at the University of Bath, call in at our drop-in session.

No need to make an appointment.

Wednesday 22nd April

2.30-4.00 pm

1E2.1 (ex-ICIA box office


Management want more control of recording of lectures

UCU members have expressed support for the existing policy on the recording of lectures and other teaching sessions. Currently staff make decisions about what is and is not recorded, and many make use of the facility. But now senior managers are saying that they want to record everything unless we sign a form saying we don’t want them to. Branch officers have referred the matter to UCU’s legal department.

Another new member for Bath’s £100K + club

The appointment of a Vice President (Implementation) has raised a few eyebrows across the campus. After all, we have survived 50 years without a Vice President of any kind, so why do we need one now ? With THE reporting Vice Chancellor Breakwell as saying that the focus of the new job is on ‘change management’, some took the job title to mean an unwelcome turn towards expensive and ruthless US-style management practices. It may mean that, but the immediate reasons for using the VP title are more mundane. (more…)

Creatives sacked as university launches new direction for the arts

One of the jobs given to the new VP (I) is to manage The Edge, the £11million building intended ‘to refocus and reboot the direction of travel for the arts’ at the university. Four weeks before the building’s official opening has sacked its three creative producers and shifted half of the remaining ICIA staff over to Accommodation and Hospitality. (more…)

Academic year changes – UCU calls for workloads check

The University is considering a move back from semesters to terms. Currently there is a seven week gap between the end of teaching in semester 1 to the start of teaching in semester 2. The move would cut this gap to four weeks. UCU is open to ideas for change, but insists that this is not done by increasing workloads. We have asked for further information on the implications of the proposed changes for workloads. (more…)