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Employers want to cut pay again: branch meeting Thursday 7th May 1.15 pm 1E2.4

In the national pay negotiations, employers have now responded to the joint union pay and pay equality claims for 2015.  The offer of 0.9% on all points on the 51 point pay scale represents a further cut in the value of pay for those on the pay scale.   This is in addition to the 15% fall in the value of pay AND increased pension contributions since 2009.  The employers have also refused to enter into any negotiations on pay equality to address the off-the-scale explosion of high earners’ pay in the last 6 years.  You can read full details of the employers offer here. 

The University of Bath has been at the forefront in the push to drive up the pay of high earners and drive down the pay of everybody else.  Latest data from THE shows that Bath is sitting on one of the biggest surpluses for universities of its type, while at the same time it has been driving down staff costs as a share of total income.  In 2009, staff costs represented 61% of total income at the University of Bath.   This year the figure is 52%.  

The effect of this is that many of the jobs in this University are paid at lower grades than in other universities.  We will discuss this offer at a branch members’ meeting NEXT THURSDAY 7th MAY 1.15 pm in 1E2.4.   Please see the attached motion from the branch committee.   

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