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Solidarity with Refugees and other Migrants

Bath refugee solidarity poster - Please print out and put up in your work area

Bath refugee solidarity poster

Message sent to all Bath UCU members:

“Dear colleague,

In recent days the attention of the public, press and political establishment has turned sharply towards what is being described as a ‘refugee crisis’. I know that many Bath UCU members have been horrified by the suffering being inflicted upon people who are trying to reach safety and security in Europe. As individuals, it is easy to feel helpless when faced with injustice and distress on such a large scale, but the trade union movement is built on the principle that conditions for oppressed people can best be advanced through collective action. We may not be able to solve the current situation, but we can, at the very least, gain an understanding of it and work to improve the conditions faced by those worst affected. Please consider getting involved with these initiatives that are being co-organised by members of our branch:

*Welcome Refugees to Bath: Compassion Rally and Lobby of B&NES Council*
On Thursday 10th September, from 4-7pm, we are joining a lobby of Bath and North East Somerset Council, calling on Councillors to support the resettlement of refugees in the area. There is already a fund from the national government and EU to pay towards resettlement but we have to convince the Council to make use of it.

Where: The Guildhall, Bath
When: Thursday 10th September, 4-7pm
More details:

What can you do?
Come along, and invite your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues. Join us as soon as possible after work if you’re not able to be there from the start.
Print off the attached poster and stick it up in your work area.
Click “Attending” on the Facebook event, share and invite contacts on social media

*Petition of Bath Council & Write to your Councillor*

From 12:30-13:30 each day this week we will be running a stall outside the library where you can sign a petition to the Council, demanding that they facilitate the resettlement of refugees in Bath. We are also asking that people write to their local Councillors.

What can you do?
Sign the petition outside the library
Set up a petition in your department – contact me for details.
Sign an electronic petition here:
Use this too to quickly write to your local Councillors:

*Fundraising for MSF, The White Helmets & MOAS*
We will be collecting donations for three charities who are doing essential work: Medecins Sans Frontieres (, the White Helmets ( and Migrant Offshore Aid Station (

What can you do?
Come along to the library to make a donation
Volunteer to help collecting donations on campus – contact me for details
Start a collection in your department – contact me for help in setting this up

*Support for Refugees in Calais*
We are working with CalAidBath to provide essential items to refugees and other migrants in Calais. If you have any of the below items to give, please bring them to the stall outside the library from 12:30-13:30 each day this week. If you can only bring items outside of these hours, please either contact me or drop them off directly in town with CalAidBath (

What can you do?

Volunteer to help out on the stall
Bring along any of the following:
SHELTER – Tents, Sleeping bags, Blankets, Mattresses, Camp beds, Roll mats, Wood pallets,
Canvas sheets, Damp Proof Membrane DMP, Plastic tarpaulins, Rope, Chairs and stools, e.g. folding chairs, camping stools
MEN’S CLOTHING – Shoes and boots (not wellies), Socks, Jackets, Thermals, T-Shirts, Underwear, Waterproof jackets and trousers, Hats

If you can help with any of the above, or can suggest other ways that the branch can support these or similar efforts, please let me know. Otherwise I will hopefully see you on Thursday outside the Guildhall.

And, of course, please do forward this message onto other workers who are not members of the union.

Kind regards,


Dr. Christopher Roche
Assessment & Timetabling Office, School of Management
Vice President, Bath UCU
University of Bath, BA2 7AY”

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  1. Mian Abid Shah says:

    Maybe there is a hidden scientist, entrepreneur, or engineers amongst refugees. The situation they are in, will probably never let them achieve their true potential. Our assistance will help them achieve, and make them able to stand on their own feet. Ultimately they’ll be able to give something back to society.

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