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Another new member for Bath’s £100K + club

The appointment of a Vice President (Implementation) has raised a few eyebrows across the campus. After all, we have survived 50 years without a Vice President of any kind, so why do we need one now ? With THE reporting Vice Chancellor Breakwell as saying that the focus of the new job is on ‘change management’, some took the job title to mean an unwelcome turn towards expensive and ruthless US-style management practices. It may mean that, but the immediate reasons for using the VP title are more mundane. (more…)

Pressure growing for University to pay Living Wage

Living WageTwo well supported lobbies of University Council and University Court have put pressure on the University managers to pay the Living Wage to all staff.  Two years ago, the Vice Chancellor of Bath University – in a year when she received a record 25% pay increase – told UNISON she would not pay the Living Wage to hundreds of low paid workers at the University. Following pressure from all three unions, including UCU, the Vice Chancellor decided to pay a discretionary ‘pay supplement’ – in reality a tip – to 200 permanent and fixed term staff whose pay was less than the level of the Living Wage. This left another 1000 + hourly paid workers – bar and café staff, cleaners and many other kinds of job earning less than the Living Wage. This week’s protests were bigger, noisier and better supported than ever before.  They were so noisy that the VC had to sneak Chancellor Prince Edward into the meeting by the back door.   If we all keep this up it is only a matter of time before we win the Living Wage for everybody who works at the University of Bath.


Bath students question new VC pay rise

Bath SU newspaper Impact this week throws a spotlight on the recently disclosed 3% pay rise received by the Vice Chancellor.  This brings her salary tantalisingly close to the £400,000 mark.  UCU members are invited to join the VC Day party on the Parade on Monday lunchtime 2nd February.

High earners – the pay gap widens

UCU, UNISON and Unite today published an update of the 2012 High Earners Report .   The headline of the report is that the gap between the pay of high earners and everybody else has grown significantly since 2012.  

Petition to members of University Council calling for fairness, openness and accountability

We call on members of the University Council to re-assert its control over the decisions it has delegated to its Remuneration Committee. We further call on members of the Council to ensure that the decisions made by its Remuneration Committee are consistent with principles of fairness, transparency and accountability.


72 signatures

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Publication of the updated report coincided with the annual meeting of the University Remuneration Committee.  This is the committee that agrees the pay of the Vice Chancellor and other high earners at the University.     UCU, UNISON and Unite have also written again to members of the University Remuneration Committee in advance of its annual meeting.

You can add your name to the letter to be presented to members of University Council, the governing body of the University at its meeting on 10th July, calling for greater fairness, openness and accountability in the operation of the University Remuneration Committee




How open are university open days ?

The three unions representing staff at the university have written to Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching):

Dear Bernie

We will be advising prospective students who visit next Thursday’s Open Day to ask a number of questions at all the universities they are visiting before deciding which to apply to.

We thought you might want to see the kinds of questions we will be suggesting prospective students ask here and elsewhere, so that you have a chance to brief staff on how to respond to these.

  • How much of my teaching will be delivered by staff employed on zero hours and temporary contracts ?
  • What is the staff-student ratio at the university?
  • Does the University pay the Living Wage to all staff it employs, including staff on casual contracts?
  • If I take a job working at the University while I am a student will I be paid the Living Wage ?
  • Are the guides who show me around the university paid a Living Wage?
  • What is the ratio of the Vice Chancellor’s annual salary to the pay of the lowest paid members of staff?
  • What will this university do if proposed cuts to Disabled Student Allowance are implemented in 2015 ?
  • Does this university want to see tuition fees rise above their current level of £9000 a year?
  • Does this university believe that student loans should be sold to a private company?
  • What would this university do if its students had the terms and conditions of their loans changed for the worse AFTER they had started the degree programme?

on behalf of UCU, UNISON, Unite

Update:  UCU national have used our letter to produce a national leaflet for use at Open Days across the country


Strong support from UCU Congress for Bath moves on VC pay and tuition fees

There was overwhelming support for Bath motions at last week’s UCU Congress in Manchester. (more…)

Sometimes it takes fresh eyes to see things as they really are …

A message from someone new to the University …

I have only recently joined the staff at the University of Bath and have to say that I am appalled at what I have seen so far. Having attended the ‘Let’s Talk’ event yesterday, I believe that the Vice Chancellor would be much better employed as a politician given her consistent skill at deflecting questions surrounding contentious issues and refusing to provide tangible evidence that she will consider installing the minimum living wage for certain members of staff. (more…)

Bath bosses get 10% as three unions call strike for October 31st

Following the recent ballot of members which supported the call for strike action in support of the joint trade union claim on pay and pay-related matters, UCU, UNISON and Unite are calling on members to take action on October 31st unless employers make a significant increase to the 1% offer for 2013.

The University of Bath, which already has one of the highest paid Vice Chancellors in the land has responded to this news by revealing that the Vice Chancellor and some of the other high earners in the University will receive an increase in their remuneration of just under 10%.

Bath is already the heaviest user of zero hours contracts in England, and employs more staff on the minimum wage than any other university.

The employers are sitting on surpluses of over £1 billion which they have accumulated by cutting the value of our pay by 13% since 2009. There is no evidence that Vice Chancellors will put a stop to this trend so we have to take action now.

We should all be in this together. Protect your pay ! Don’t delay ! Sign today !

With University Remuneration Day approaching it’s time to stop the widening gap between our pay and the pay of the university high earners.  Our report last year showed that the number of university staff earning more than £100,000 a year has soared and the pay of the Vice Chancellor and some of the other high earners at the University has continued to pull away from our own.  While we have lost 13% of the value of our pay since 2009, the Remuneration Committee awarded pay increases averaging about 5% to the high earners.   Read the letter from all three university unions – UNISON, UCU and Unite -to members of the Remuneration Committee in advance of their meeting on June 27th.   If you think their pay increases should be tied to our sign this petition now.

HE pay

We call on the University Remuneration Committee at its meeting on 27th June to

(1) Postpone its decision on the remuneration of the Vice Chancellor and others whose pay it controls until a settlement is reached in national HE pay negotiations between employers and unions

(2) Agree that the remuneration of the Vice Chancellor and others should be increased by no more than the pay settlement for all others working in HE

(3) Recommend to University Council that it calls on UCEA, the employers' body in HE pay negotiations to make an offer that restores some of the 13% lost in the value of HE pay since 2009


361 signatures

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Joint Union Meeting Thursday 27th June 1.15 pm WH 1LT

To mark University Remuneration Day – the day when the University Remuneration Committee holds its annual meeting to fix the pay of the VC and some of the other high earners in the university – UCU, UNISON and Unite will hold a joint meeting.  The floor will be open for motions to decide on the annual pay award that should be given to the VC.   More details here