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2013 pay campaign

Getting the message across ..

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Thursday’s two hour strike action goes ahead as planned and we call on

all members not to work in this period, and to make it clear that they
are not working by displaying the attached poster.

If you can help with the organisation on Thursday between 8.30 and 9
please come to 1W2.8a.  We need your help for about 20 minutes.

We will be meeting in 2 South car park at 11.30 (outside BUCS) and there
will be a strike meeting at 12.30 in 1E3.6 – all members and potential
members welcome to attend.

Two hour strikes called from 23 January

In a message to members today, UCU General Secretary Sally Hunt gave details of the next stage in our campaign for fair pay in HE.

“Beginning on Thursday 23 January, UCU will call a series of weekly two-hour strikes. (more…)

Looking back and looking ahead to 2014

IMG_0587Students join members of UCU, UNISON and Unite in one of the many protests to win support for the campaign for Fair Pay in HE.

A round-up of national and local news for UCU members at the University of Bath (more…)

Staff and students unite for fair pay in HE – how was it for you ?

There was good support again yesterday for the joint union strike in
support of fair pay in HE, with labs closed, classes cancelled and events of all kinds rescheduled or poorly attended.   Thanks to all who
came out, especially the pickets, supported by a good mix of postgrad
and undergraduate students.   It was a similar story across the country – you can catch up on Strike Day Live.   Local pictures from Bath Chronicle.

We want to get a fuller picture of how the impact of the strike in the
University of Bath, so please take a couple of minutes to answer a few short questions

This survey is anonymous and we also ask you not to name anyone in your
responses.  It is the overall picture we are interested in.

sussexThis picture shows students at Sussex greeting one of the Pro-VCs on his way to work.  4 students have since been suspended.  Join the 7000 who have already signed the petition calling for their unsuspension.

Strike on Tuesday 3rd goes ahead

UCU and the other unions involved in the campaign for fair pay in HE call on all members to support the strike action on Tuesday 3rd December.  The employers invited us to discuss the dispute after the strike on 31st October, but they refused to increase their offer.  The only news on the local front is that University Council noted on 28th November that the Vice Chancellor would receive an 8% pay increase (£27.000).

A strike involves the complete withdrawal of labour for the whole day.  Visit the pickets on Tuesday from 7.30 at

  • Junction of Claverton Hill/Convocation Ave
  • Junction of Quarry Rd/North Rd
  • 2 South pedestrian entrance.

Bath students call for support for Tuesday’s strike

Students support for our campaign for fair pay in higher education is growing across the country. In Bath, an open letter calls on the Students Union to follow the example of students unions in Bristol and elsewhere by supporting our strike action next Tuesday.  Bath Chronicle has a feature on this breaking news.

Strike action brings fresh talks with employers

Today the employers said they would be prepared to talk to unions about the pay dispute.

This represents a real shift. It is the result of taking strike action and working to contract.   We have to keep up the pressure until the employers start listening to our demand for fair pay (more…)

Sometimes it takes fresh eyes to see things as they really are …

A message from someone new to the University …

I have only recently joined the staff at the University of Bath and have to say that I am appalled at what I have seen so far. Having attended the ‘Let’s Talk’ event yesterday, I believe that the Vice Chancellor would be much better employed as a politician given her consistent skill at deflecting questions surrounding contentious issues and refusing to provide tangible evidence that she will consider installing the minimum living wage for certain members of staff. (more…)

Further strike action on fair pay called for December 3rd

With employers refusing to budge on pay or any other matters, all three unions representing staff in HE are being called to take further strike action on December 3rd.   Some employers have already ‘imposed’ the 1% offer we rejected in our ballot in September.   UCU have responded to this by confirming that it makes no difference to the fact that we are still in dispute over pay and a range of pay-related matters.

There will be a local meeting for members on Wednesday 27th November in 3E2.4.   The three unions are also inviting students to a meeting on Monday 2nd December 1.15 (3E2.1) to explain our action.     The majority of our members supported the strike action on October 31st.   It is up to all of us to persuade the minority to support the action and to recruit new members so that the action is as effective as possible.