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Another win for hourly paid workers at Bath

The trade unions have been informed that one part of our demand for hourly paid workers to be treated the same as permanent staff has been agreed. From next week hourly paid workers will be paid a minimum of £7.85 an hour. Hundreds of campus workers, many of them students, will benefit from this, which was welcomed in the SU newspaper Bath Impact. (more…)

Pressure growing for University to pay Living Wage

Living WageTwo well supported lobbies of University Council and University Court have put pressure on the University managers to pay the Living Wage to all staff.  Two years ago, the Vice Chancellor of Bath University – in a year when she received a record 25% pay increase – told UNISON she would not pay the Living Wage to hundreds of low paid workers at the University. Following pressure from all three unions, including UCU, the Vice Chancellor decided to pay a discretionary ‘pay supplement’ – in reality a tip – to 200 permanent and fixed term staff whose pay was less than the level of the Living Wage. This left another 1000 + hourly paid workers – bar and café staff, cleaners and many other kinds of job earning less than the Living Wage. This week’s protests were bigger, noisier and better supported than ever before.  They were so noisy that the VC had to sneak Chancellor Prince Edward into the meeting by the back door.   If we all keep this up it is only a matter of time before we win the Living Wage for everybody who works at the University of Bath.


Living Wage ? Not at the University of Bath. Lobby University Council Thursday 27th November

University of Bath has hundreds of staff earning less than the Living Wage of £7.85 an hour.   Already known as one of the heaviest users of zero hours contracts, the University pays 28 of its 80 casual job titles below LW.  Many of those earning below LW are students who are trying to top up their inadequate government maintenance loans and grants – amounts that even the most thrifty person in an area with a low cost of living would find it difficult to live on, let alone a student in Bath.  The maximum that students with the lowest household incomes can get is £7,249 per year.  Bath SU is calling for their members who work at the university to be paid a minimum of LW rates.

Trade union members at the university will be joining students to lobby University Council members this Thursday 27th November at 3.45 pm.   Join us outside the Wessex House Restaurant from 3.45 pm.

You can also add your name to the petition to the Vice Chancellor calling for all university staff to be paid a minimum of the Living Wage