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Academic-related staff: important changes made at annual meeting 5 March 2014

Academic Related Staff Committee will now be known as the ‘Academic related, professional staff committee’.  This motion was proposed by the ARC as it was felt that the term Academic Related was no longer used in many Universities and therefore it was a barrier to recruitment.  However, it was felt it was important to retain the status of Academic Related staff as being integral to the academic endeavour of a University.  Further it helped protect staff under existing recognition agreements. (more…)

Liverpool action to oppose dismissal of 2800 staff

The University of Liverpool UCU branch would like to give a big ‘thank-you’ to all of the UCU branches that have sent in messages of support during our fight with the University. Most will know by now that the management at Liverpool have announced their intention to dismiss and re-hire 2,803 ‘non-academic’ staff to force new contracts. These contracts would mean that staff could be required to work week-ends and University closure days across the the year with single time TOIL for bank-holidays only (more…)

Unions submit joint pay claim to restore 13% cut since 2009

UCU has joined with other HE unions to submit a joint claim for a pay increase in line with inflation plus an element to restore at least some of the 13% lost since 2009. The claim also includes demands on
. An agreement to extend the top of the pay spine beyond point 51.
• An agreement to address the issues of Hourly Paid Staff and other forms of
casualisation in the sector.
• An agreement on workload and working hours.
• A national agreement on Disability Leave.
• Nationally agreed measures to avoid redundancies.
• Measures to address the gender pay gap.


UCU Congress 2013

Now that staff have no space on campus where they can take the unterrupted breaks we are entitled to under Working Time Regulations, Bath delegates to this year’s UCU Congress will be calling for UCU to campaign for spaces to be provided.   This year’s Congress motions are dominated by pay, casualisation in HE and the wider threats to the future of higher education.  Congress receives a report from the UCU National Executive Committee, and this provides the most detailed account of all the work done by UCU in the last year – well worth a look.  Bath delegates this year are Tim Barrett (BUCS) and Hedley Bashforth (SPS).   There will be a meeting in May for members to express views on Congress business and brief our delegates.


UCU NEC election results

Marie Morley narrowly missed out in her first attempt to secure a place on UCU’s National Executive. Marie was the last to be eliminated under the voting system. Election results are here.

Vote Marie Morley for UCU NEC

Our local President Marie Morley is standing as a candidate in the elections for UCU National Executive Committee.  You should have received ballot papers for these elections by now and have until 1st March to cast your vote.  Let’s get Marie on the National Executive so we can have a voice.