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February, 2014:

Employers move on pay

UCU and UCEA (the employers organisation) agreed the following statement last Friday

“to investigate … the prospect of arranging exploratory talks, involving all .. unions, prior to the first scheduled negotiating meeting of the 2014-15 pay negotiations. The purpose of the exploratory talks would be to seek an early positive dialogue on the key issues in the lead up to the 2014/15 pay round.”

This is the first sign that employers have felt the need to respond to our sustained campaign for fair pay in HE. With the threat of a marking boycott hanging over the start of the new pay talks, employers have rightly judged that we are in no mood for another pay cut.

We are taking every opportunity to ram the message home that the days of pay rises for the high earners and pay cuts for the rest of us are over. You can make your voice heard by registering a vote for the question of pay to be the main topic at the next Vice Chancellor’s Let’s Talk session on March 19thlet's talk about pay

We are continuing to work with the Students’ Union on their campaign to stop the sale of the student loan book. You can sign the letter to the VC below

Letter to Vice Chancellor


120 signatures

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Media coverage of assessment boycott plan

Good piece by Sally Hunt in today’s Telegraph  …  and the Guardian is running a poll until the end of Tuesday 18th. Vote here

It’s not too late to settle this dispute and avoid the marking boycott …