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Bath UCU Committee

Our members work as academics, researchers, administrators, librarians, computer staff, teaching postgraduates and other hourly paid teaching staff, whether on fixed-term or permanent contracts, whether full-time or part-time.

If you are interested in taking on a Committee role and would like more information please do contact us.

Committee | Members Reps on Committee




President David Moon (PoLIS)
Vice-President Fran Amery (PoLIS)
Interim Secretary Sabina Gheduzzi (Mechanical Engineering)
Treasurer Tim Barrett (Computing Services)
Membership Secretary Steve Alston (Library)
Recruitment Officer Ben Ralph (Com Sci)
Heath & Safety Convenor Michael Carley (Mechanical Engineering)
Equality Officer vacant
Anti-casualisation Officer Alejandro de Coss-Corzo (SPS)
Pensions Officer James Davenport (Computer Science)
Casework Co-ordinator vacant
Green/Environment Rep Sophia Hatzisavvidou (PoLIS)


Members Reps on Committee


Women & Non-Binary Members Rep Catriona Gray (Computer Science)
BME Members Rep vacant
LGBTQ+ Members Rep vacant
Disabled Members Rep vacant
International Members Reps Galadriel Ravelli (PoLIS)
Postgrad Rep vacant
Postdoc Rep Kathrin Morosow (SPS)
Academic-Related & Professional Services Rep vacant
Teaching Fellow Rep Ben Ralph (Computer Science)
Lecturer/Reader Rep Jim Hordern (Education)
Professor Rep Peter Hall (Computer  Science)
Co-opted Rep 1 Kate Ehrig-Page (Library)
Co-opted Rep 2 Ivan Gololobov (PoLIS)
Co-opted Rep 3 Ben Radley (SpS)