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Part-time hourly paid staff at University of Bath owed thousands of pounds in unpaid holiday pay

Following an inquiry by one of UCU’s postgrad members, we have learnt that the university has been paying below the statutory minimum in holiday pay. Hourly paid workers are entitled to a minimum of 5.6 weeks paid holiday, which the university pays in the form of a ‘rolled up’ element of pay. The minimum payable is 12.07% of the hourly rate, but until recently the university was paying 10.7%. Following representations from UCU the correct rate is being paid from 1st October 2014.  You can check the current hourly rates of pay, which were amended on 1st October to take into account the correct amount of holiday pay.

The university has not, so far, agreed to pay what it owes to hourly paid staff for underpayments for work done before October 1st. UCU and UNISON are both advising hourly paid staff to contact HR about this to claim any unpaid holiday pay. If you need help in setting out your claim please contact

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