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Another win for hourly paid workers at Bath

The trade unions have been informed that one part of our demand for hourly paid workers to be treated the same as permanent staff has been agreed. From next week hourly paid workers will be paid a minimum of £7.85 an hour. Hundreds of campus workers, many of them students, will benefit from this, which was welcomed in the SU newspaper Bath Impact.

This is a big victory for joint trade union-student action and shows that nothing is more effective when it comes to changing the minds of senior university managers. It comes hot on the heels of another success earlier this year when we won over £50,000 in unpaid holiday pay for hourly paid workers. That came about because a trade union member who is also a student raised it with us and we took it up with the University.

We still have major concerns about how the University is going about the Living Wage issue. Instead of just paying it as a minimum to all staff, it is paying the same low basic rates plus a ‘pay supplement’ or tip. The problem with that is that it can be withdrawn at any time.  We want to see it made permanent and consolidated so workers do not have to keep fighting to keep it every year.

We will continue to push the University to make a clear and firm commitment to being a Living Wage employer, like Queen Mary University London and Santander Bank. It has not so far done this. But just as important we will continue to push the university to reduce its high dependence on zero hours contracts. The University of Bath was revealed last year as one of the heaviest users of these toxic contracts. We are more likely to achieve this if trade unions and students continue to work together. We invite all student workers to join one of the campus Trade unions – pick up a membership form from 1E2.1.

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