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Council meets to ratify high earners’ pay award

University Council meets tomorrow Thursday 18th October.  Its business includes a ratification of pay awards to some of the University’s high earners that were decided in June …  We do not know the size of the pay award, but the University of Bath High Earners Report produced by UCU, UNISON and UNITE highlighted the fact that pay awards for the high earners have outstripped pay awards for everybody else in the University by a significant margin.    Over 100 members of staff returned postcards to the Chair of Council supporting the call for elected staff representation on the Remuneration Committee.

On Thursday at 3.30 members of UCU will deliver another letter to all members of Council as they resume their business in the Council Chamber, 3rd Floor Wessex House.   The letter asks Council members to bear in mind the current employers’ offer of 1% to HE staff, and re-states UCU’s policy of having elected staff representation on University Remuneration Committees, and of limiting Vice Chancellors’ pay to no more than 10 times the pay of the lowest paid worker in the university.   Join us there.

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