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Pay ballot: action put on hold

Following the recent 70% vote for action short of a strike on the employers’ 1% pay offer, UCU national HE Committee has decided not to go ahead with this action. There has been a wave of criticism of the decision from branches and local associations, including Bath. In response, Head Office has issued a statement …. This is a much more detailed and reasoned statement than was provided to members before they were asked to vote.  Your local committee believes it was unfortunate that this information was not made available to members before the vote, and that the option of voting for action short of a strike should not have been included on the ballot paper.  One point we are all agreed on is that four years of pay cuts is leaving HE employees with no option but to reconsider strike action sooner rather than later.  The final details of this year’s pay settlement have not yet been agreed, but already nthe 2013 pay claim is being put together.

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