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We should all be in this together. Protect your pay ! Don’t delay ! Sign today !

With University Remuneration Day approaching it’s time to stop the widening gap between our pay and the pay of the university high earners.  Our report last year showed that the number of university staff earning more than £100,000 a year has soared and the pay of the Vice Chancellor and some of the other high earners at the University has continued to pull away from our own.  While we have lost 13% of the value of our pay since 2009, the Remuneration Committee awarded pay increases averaging about 5% to the high earners.   Read the letter from all three university unions – UNISON, UCU and Unite -to members of the Remuneration Committee in advance of their meeting on June 27th.   If you think their pay increases should be tied to our sign this petition now.

HE pay

We call on the University Remuneration Committee at its meeting on 27th June to

(1) Postpone its decision on the remuneration of the Vice Chancellor and others whose pay it controls until a settlement is reached in national HE pay negotiations between employers and unions

(2) Agree that the remuneration of the Vice Chancellor and others should be increased by no more than the pay settlement for all others working in HE

(3) Recommend to University Council that it calls on UCEA, the employers' body in HE pay negotiations to make an offer that restores some of the 13% lost in the value of HE pay since 2009


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