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Students and staff unite against the pay squeeze and the fees squeeze

imageHigher education staff from all pay grades and from none, from Aberdeen to Plymouth joined together for a third day of strike action in the campaign for fair pay.    Unions were delighted with the growing level of support from students angry at the way their exorbitant fees are being used to inflate the pay of top managers, while the rest of the staff take a pay cut for the fifth year running.

Anybody still not convinced of the need to support the joint union action for fair pay should read the post from Johnny Unger of Lancaster University.

THE chose the latest strike day to launch a competition for the best photograph of university buildings.  Strikers across the country were happy to oblige and to make the point that investment in staff is just as important as investment in buildings.     Universities are sitting on a combined surplus of over £1 billion.

Students can rightly expect more support from staff in their campaign against the sale of the student loan book.

If you have not yet signed the letter to the Vice Chancellor calling on her to speak out against the pay squeeze and the fees squeeze, you can add your name now.

UCU members are called on to take further strike action from 9-11 am on Monday 10th February -watch for news of the Frying Picket …

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