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A rise in your pay, an attack on your pension – we need to build the union

This week all university staff will see their pay increase by 2% as a result of the joint industrial action taken by UCU, UNISON and Unite members earlier this year. The increase barely allows us to keep pace with inflation, and does nothing to make up for the last five years of wage cuts, but there is no doubt that without our sustained action we would have seen a substantially worse offer, and yet another cut in real-terms pay

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There are hundreds of staff working at the University who will also benefit from the increase even though they are not members of any of the recognised trade unions.   Please take very opportunity to remind them of this, and to persuade them that if they join us we will be in an even stronger position to protect the pay and conditions of ALL. We will also be able to represent them if they face discrimination or unfair treatment in their work, and can offer advice and support for their professional development

Nationally, our employers will be trying to impose further cuts in pension rights during the next few months.  Locally, we will be pushing to improve the pay and conditions of hourly paid staff.   Important information about proposed changes to your pension and our work for hourly paid staff can be found in our latest newsletter.

Your national union and local branch work hard, often behind the scenes, to defend the pay and conditions of all university staff. To be truly effective, and to continue making progress, it is vital that we build the union by bringing in new members. The more people join, the stronger we are as a branch, and the stronger we will be in negotiations with our employer. Please pass this message, or a link to it, on to anybody you work with who is not a member of UCU, and encourage them to join UCU or to get in touch to discuss what we do and how it can benefit them.

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