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The result of the ballot on the USS dispute, is 64% in favour of accepting the employers’ offer.

UCU USS e-ballot result:

Yes to accept the UUK offer 21,683 (64%)
No to reject the UUK offer 12,230 (36%)

Further action is suspended

The  result of the ballot on the USS dispute, is  64% in favour of accepting the employers’ offer. Whatever your views on the merits of the decision, you should be aware of how much we have achieved in the last few months. Our industrial action has pushed back the employers and opened a space for restoring human and humane values to the centre of our university. As more than one person said, this is now our university and we intend to control it.

The solidarity which we have built in the snow and sunshine on our pickets is an asset which we will not give up lightly. There is plenty of work to do in taking control of the conditions of our employment, and we are in a position to do it. The questions of casualized contracts, the gender pay gap, low pay, and mismanagement have not gone away, and we are now conscious of our own strength and our ability to organize. 

In the last few months, nationally and locally, we have become a union, thinking like a union, and able to act like a union. Remember what we can achieve working together, and that we need not be afraid to demand what is ours.

In solidarity,

Michael Carley

Branch president

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