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UCU Events February 2019 Uni of Bath

Thursday 07 February 2019, 13:15-14:05 Building 3E  room 2.2

UCU Branch meeting
The Agenda will follow and will include: Anti-Casualisation, Ballot for Pay and Equality 2019
Thursday 07 February,4:15pm Room  Building 1 West room  2.03

The UCU Vice President hustings.
Come and question Vicky Blake and Jo McNeill, who are running for the highest lay office in the University and College Union.
The UCU ballot taking place for Pay and Equality Closing date Friday 22 February 2019

We encourage you to use your vote. Whether you agree or disagree with what UCU are recommending, it is your democratic right to vote and as a Union we encourage you to do so.
Please vote on your ballot paper and post it. We are still in a pay dispute as during our last Pay and Equality strike ballot September to October 2018, the employers imposed without negotiation a 2% salary increase on 27/09/2018. This is why the Pay and equalities claim is being balloted again now.
Below is the Pay and Equalities Claim:
The Higher Education trade unions national claim for 2018/19 is:
An increase to all spine points on the 50 point national pay scale of 7.5 % or £1,500 whichever is greater.
£10 per hour minimum wage with all HEIs to become foundation living wage employers
Ensuring all campus staff are paid at least the foundation living wage rate.
Nationally agreed framework for action to close the gender pay gap by 2020.
Nationally agreed framework for action on precarious contracts
Nationally agreed payment to recognise excessive workloads

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