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Hardship fund – Strike Pay 2019-20 Bath UCU

Details for claiming from the national hardship fund may be found here:

If you earn less than £30,000 from qualifying employment before tax then you will be able to claim up to £75 per day from the national fund from the second day of the strike onwards (or £50 from the third day if you earn more than this threshold), capped at £500.

The local UCU association will make up any remaining losses from the local hardship fund.

To claim from the local fund please email with the following

Membership Number:
No. of days on strike:
No. of hours of pay lost:
Total Loss after deductions:
Amount Claimed from National fund:
Bank Sort Code:
Bank Account No:

…plus your last two payslips (downloaded from iTrent so that they are not password-protected like the ones emailed to you) and any documents that show what hours you were meant to be being paid for on days that you were on strike.

Claims from the national fund may take a while to be paid. If the delay will cause you hardship then the local fund will loan you the sum claimable from the national fund, to be repaid once you receive the payment from the national union. If you need to take advantage of this loan then please fill in the claim as above but add a note that you wish a loan advance on the national claim and undertake to repay it once payment is received from the national fund.

In solidarity,
Tim Barrett
UCU Local Treasurer

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